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Meet Aoife Mollin

career & Leadership coach

Aoife Mollin is the MD of AMAResults that supports middle & senior managers with underperforming teams that are draining their time (and their energy).
When they work with me they uncover a high impact plan that gets their team (and their sanity!) back on track.

This leads to confidence, satisfaction & success in their role as a leader. Aoife has spent over 14 years in management consultancy, delivering change programmes in large organisations across industries within both the private and the public sector. Working within organisations on change programmes, her focus was on supporting people through the change which was sometimes being imposed on them. Combining this consulting experience with training and coaching skills, allows her to challenge individuals to understand how they can work through change to contribute more effectively to organisational performance, while enjoying work. 

Aoife holds a European honours degree in Business & Legal Studies from University College Dublin, a Diploma in Corporate & Executive Coaching and a Diploma in Personal and Small Business coaching. Aoife is a member of the Irish Institute of Training & Development (IITD) & the International Coaching Federation (ICF). Aoife is currently pursuing a part-time Masters in Positive Psychology & Coaching Psychology with the University of East London & a PCC credential (Professional Certified Coach) through the ICF. Aoife was a finalist in the 2016 Coach of the Year Ireland ICF awards.

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What Clients Say


"Through the coaching sessions I was able to simplify things and focus much better than I could have alone. The Coaching was very practical and based on facts rather than a perception I might have. I wasn't sure what to expect from coaching as I had never had any experience of it before but I would highly recommend the process. It has been of tremendous help to me".



"I found the coaching to be incredibly useful during an important transition in my career. It helped me to explore several aspects of my working life that I wasn’t happy with. Through coaching exercises, I identified what these issues were. We then flushed out solutions to my problems through very simple and straight forward techniques. I would recommend Aoife as a great coach – her positivity and can do attitude really rubbed off me! I would definitely use what I learnt from these coaching sessions in the future in both my personal and professional life".



“Coaching helped to change my mindset from viewing working on the business as non-paying to being a really important thing to prioritise. It allowed me to step back from the whirlwind of delivering and carve out time to focus on what I needed to do to move the business forward.”

Sarah /
Owner, Blossom Marketing